Why brands need to seek out and join online conversations


Our lovely Sony Bravia TV went wrong over Christmas. I don’t watch a lot of TV, unless it’s football, but my wife was not impressed.

My wife went online to see what the six, red flashing light warning meant.

She visited several sites, and saw lots of people complaining about the same fault. 

The cost of repair is likely to be too much to be worth it, so we now need a new TV.

What surprised and interested me was my wife’s reaction. ‘We don’t want another Sony TV’ she said. When I asked why, she said it seemed loads of people had the same complaint, the TV is only a little over 2 years old, so they can’t be very good. She felt let down.

It got me thinking. Why has Sony not employed real people to monitor and talk to people in these online forums?

Had somebody from Sony replied to my wife to explain the fault, how it has been fixed on more recent models, and perhaps offered some sort of insentive to buy a new Sony they may have convinced her to buy a new Sony TV.

Instead there was a sea of people complaining, and no noticeable ‘official response’ and a snap decision was made to buy a different model.

One TV is hardly going to bring Sony to their knees, but how many other customers have done the same? Not just Sony, I bet this happens across all makes, and many different products.

When a consumer searches for a specific problem, they find a corner of the internet that is dedicated to bringing everyone together who has that problem. So while it might be a very small percentage of people who have experienced the problem, comment after comment after comment give the impression it’s a bigger problem that it likely is.

At Six Sells, one of the services we offer clients is a human, online presence. We listen for conversations, show up, and then talk to people 1:1 in online environments to assure them, help them, and lead them towards our clients products or services across social media and online forums.

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