Case Study: Extraman

The Target audience:

Six Sells used our social listening and advertising techniques to target people interested in Warehousing, Labouring, Event and Admin work, and who live within travelling distance of London.

Six Sells qualified each candidate in a 1:1 Instant Messenger conversation to ensure they were legally allowed to work, had a National Insurance number, a bank account and could speak English.

This qualifying process via social media significantly cut down the time wasted by office staff, who otherwise would have to field a significant flow of enquiries from unsuitable candidates.

The Targeting:

Six Sells were made admins on the Extraman social media accounts. We are online for around 16 hours a day and always listening for social conversations about job hunting, joining job groups, and interacting with candidates on a 1:1 basis. We respond in real-time, and are able to qualify candidates to a given brief and then hand them off to be registered and interviewed.

We use both hyper-targeted advertising and 1:1 human interaction to attract, engage, and qualify candidates.

The Creative:

Six Sells believe that you have just one second to capture the attention of your target audience online, and then another five seconds to build on that attention and create enough interest to drive the desired action. If you lose attention or interest in the first six seconds, your target will end up forgetting your message and taking no action.

We created a series of 10-second video adverts that got to the point, stopped the target market from scrolling on by, and drove an action, such as calling the office or engaging in a 1:1 Instant Messenger conversation with Six Sells, on behalf of Extraman, and as a virtual extension to their team.

One of the video adverts successfully used is below:

The Results:

The campaign has to date has driven hundreds of 1:1 candidate conversations, qualified out a large number of unsuitable inquiries, and passed the quality, eligible candidates forward for interview.

Facebook post. Video and text in tandem:

How can we help you?

Six Sells is a sales and marketing partnership with a combined 46 years of experience. We can help by managing your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, and take a qualifying brief for candidate recruitment on either a general basis or for a specific job.

We would steadily grow your brand locally using video advertising while attracting, engaging and qualifying the best local candidates that you want to employ for your clients.

We are very hands-on, an extension to your candidate recruitment team, and work professionally with your teams and candidates at all times.

Please email for more or you can use the form or WhatsApp widget on this page.