One to One Social Media Strategy for b2b companies

People today live in two worlds. They live in the physical world, and they live in the digital world.

Sometimes the relationships we form with other people are purely in one world or the other.

Sometimes our relationships bridge both worlds.

If you want to see if this trend will increase, just look at a 15 year old today, and observe how much time they spend online and in social channels.

The way we communicate, one human to another, has the same rules irrespective of which world that interaction takes place in.

Imagine this scenario.

As an analogy, think of social media platforms as pubs in the physical world.

The Facebook Arms, The Twitter’s Head, The LinkedIn Inn etc.

You have just moved to the area, and these are your new local pubs. Most of your ideal future clients drink in these pubs, and whatever time of the day you pop in, you are sure to find at least of them having a quiet drink.

You get excited and commit to going to these pubs a lot more, as there are so many potential clients.

This is how most people react to that opportunity.

They go storming into each pub, one after the other, and start screaming about themselves “We sell ace software, who wants it?”

So many people. A second apart, going in and shouting about themselves. One after the other, and a cacophony of noise. Very few people raise their hand as the proverbial bull in a china shop passes through.

It is a ridiculous image, and in the physical world we wouldn’t dream of using it as a communications strategy.

In the digital world, we do it every day. Why? Because it’s easier. Why doesn’t it work? Because it breaks all of the rules of human communication.

People buy from people they like.

People like people who listen to them. We all want to be heard. “Two ears, one mouth, use them in that proportion” as my Granddad used to say.

At Six Sells, as a part of the digital marketing services that we offer our clients, we enter the pubs that our prospects hang out in, and we take a seat.

We socialise, listen, and strike up conversations, 1:1, with people about what they care about.

People like talking about different things. Ever been on date with somebody who only talked about themselves? Boring, right?

We don’t sell as soon as we open our mouths.

We don’t talk about how our digital marketing services will help them win new clients unless we are invited to do so, or unless that adds real value to the conversation at that time.

We learn about what they care about.

About their challenges.

We add value to the conversation whenever we can.

That’s how relationships are formed.

Human beings like to reciprocate, it’s hard wired in our genes.

So we seek to give value freely and without conditions.

This very blog post has huge value to anyone who takes these learnings on board and implements them.

We are giving away proven strategies for free. Why would we do such a thing?

Because it adds value, builds awareness, trust, reputation, interest and consideration.

Also, many of the business owners that we work for employ us because they understand how important it is to have daily conversations in these pubs, but they don’t have the time to be there themselves so we act as an extension of their team and do the work for them.

Some of the people reading this blog post will reciprocate by becoming paying clients, some won’t.

Some of those people will reciprocate by recommending and introducing us to
others, some won’t.

Think of each social media platform as your local pub, full of potential clients, who are popping in on a regular basis. If you do, you will have longer-lasting, better results than those running around shouting about themselves.

We wish you a thousand valuable 1:1 conversations in The Facebook Arms, or
wherever you and your prospects come together to talk.

Oh, and if you don’t have the time to do all of this for yourself, Six Sells offer
those services
as an extension of your team.

Key points:

Identify – the names of the companies and people working within those companies you most want to talk to?

Connect – Follow every one of those people on social media. Set up Google Alerts for each one.

Engage – The key to engagement is that you are 100 authentic and that you don’t sell! Spend time every day listening to what your prospects post, like, and share. Add value to their online conversations only when you can do so in an authentic way. Share their content. Like their posts.

Contact Six Sells today for a free, no obligation quote on how we can help you to increase the results you achieve from your digital marketing strategy.