The Six Sells Podcast with Nick Hewat

Nick Hewat, former Commercial Director, The Guardian

🎙 – Episode Fifteen of The Six Sells Podcast welcomes Nick Hewat, former Commercial Director at The Guardian.

In this episode Nick shares some of his hard-fought lessons over the past 25 years in media, and also talks about his views on the current media and advertising landscape.

Some of the areas we talk about include:

The promise of premium media v the reality?

Contextual targeting and first-party data, the answer to the cookie-pocalypse for the Washington Post and others?

The rise of e-commerce and direct to consumer selling.

How some people with the word marketing in their title can’t define clearly what it means.

The advice that you should never move jobs for more money.

Why you should never ask for your gazpacho soup to be heated up in front of clients.

Nick held senior roles at Capital Radio, Virgin Radio, Absolute Radio before popping down the headphones and picking up the broadsheets – formerly at The Telegraph, and most recently at The Guardian.

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