3 things you can do as CEO to increase the productivity of your sellers

Here are three of the biggest things you can do as CEO to make your sellers more productive.

We have worked for and with some of the biggest and best sales teams in the world. Sales teams that sell. Sales teams that win awards for selling. Sales teams that win the hearts and minds of their clients. Too much? OK, let’s get to the point.

There are many teams that appear to be operating at a high level, while labouring under time pressures that don’t really need to be there.

Here are 3 common sales productivity traps that we have seen over our careers, and how to fix them.

1 – Start content support:

Adding content support for writing email, social media posting, decks, proposals etc.

When you are paying £70k plus for a seller with years of experience, and hundreds of contacts, you want them in front of clients (digitally or physically) as much as possible. The analogy I used last week was that your sellers are your actors, not your writers, so let them be more Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, and hire in George Lucas to support them.

2 – Stop Duplication:

Duplication of reporting can be a frustration for sellers, and a huge drain on their time.

Often managers chase reps to update the CRM, and make sure every deal is entered, and each deal has the required detail, and is at the right deal stage. This takes a fair bit of input time for each rep.

If I had a pound for every time I have said “Can you update Salesforce please….”

Then, we hold a meeting with each rep to ask them questions about the deals, the answers to which we could find in the CRM, which means that the rep is now reporting on the same deal twice.

Part-time sales support to manage the CRM as you want it done would probably be cheaper, and more accurate, than each of your more expensive reps spending hours and hours updating it. A quick 5-min voice briefing between admin and rep each day would enable the sales support to keep the CRM 100% up-to-date, leading to better forecasting.

3 – Reduce internal meetings:

Internal meetings. Sellers should be as client-facing as is humanly possible. We tend to put in recurring meetings, and sometimes they are necessary, but often they are not.

If you have 10 reps and hold a one-hour meeting, that is actually a 10-hour meeting in terms of productivity hours invested.

If the meeting isn’t vital, kill it, and give your sellers the gift of time this Christmas! 😊🎄

Happy selling everyone!