Business Development

We have a combined 48 years of successful experience generating new business for companies large and small.

Today we offer our skills and experience to help you grow your small or medium sized business, in a way that is affordable today, and scalable for tomorrow.

Working with Karen or Mike is like having a six-figure Head of Sales or Head of Marketing on call, but without the six-figure salary.

We are available by the hour, which means that you can scale our work up as your company grows. We make big business expertise and experience available and affordable to small and medium sized businesses.

Our skills and experience include:

  • Prospecting
  • Social selling
  • Social marketing
  • Face to face presentations
  • Telephone pitching
  • Building sales presentations
  • Creating compelling marketing content
  • Identifying your target market
  • Process design to manage leads
  • Go to market strategy

We can deliver you a strategy that you execute yourselves, or we can do the execution for you. We can be thinkers, planners and doers, whatever you need.

Get in touch today for a friendly, no obligation conversation about how we could help you with our outsourced, by the hour business development services.

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