Website Design

Six Sells help businesses like yours to showcase the very best of themselves online.

We consider many important factors when building your website which include:

  • Design
  • The right content
  • Easy to navigate
  • SEO optimised
  • Optimised for mobile
  • Easy to contact you

Your website is your shop window to the world so it must look professional and consistent with your offline branding.

The content should answer the questions your customers are likely to be visiting for. If it doesn’t have compelling content, the visitor will bounce which adversely affects your conversion rates and SEO ranking.

It is likely that a very high percentage will be visiting your site from a mobile device, so making sure that the website works as well for mobile visitors is absolutely key.

The site map must organise the different pages of your site in a way that makes them easy for your customers to navigate. People expect a layout that makes it easy to find the information the seek. If it isn’t easy, they will bounce.

It must be very easy for a visitor to contact you for further information or to buy from you. Having a well thought out site map that makes it easy at any point in the user journey is also very important. On the Six Sells site we have a WhatsApp widget, a link to the contact page and an email address on every page.

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