Ghost-written content

Depicting copywriting in action

Your sellers are your actors, and need the right lines to bring home a BAFTA!

In many sales productivity studies conducted by companies like Gartner and Forrester, content discovery, curation and production are cited as the biggest productivity drains for sellers. Countless hours of writing when they should have been client-facing.

As a senior analyst at Forrester say’s in this article “Our sales activity studies have consistently shown that finding content and information is a significant productivity obstacle for sales teams”.

Emails, proposals, sales decks, one-pagers, a Tweet, a LinkedIn post, Slack, WhatsApp … the places that words are needed to communicate are many. 

That’s why our team at Six Sells works as the George Lucas to your Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, or the Ian Fleming to your James Bond.

We write simple, easy-to-understand stories for your sellers.

Our ghost-writing helps your sellers to tell their story across any channel, saving your actors time, and giving them the best chance to shine in the role they were born to perform.


We write for most platforms including:

⦿ – Native LinkedIn posts

⦿ – Tweets for Twitter

⦿ – Facebook / LinkedIn company page

⦿ – Blog posts

⦿ – Sales emails

⦿ – Slack/WhatsApp short messages

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