We are Six Sells

The six stages your prospects go through before buying

Six Sells is a digital marketing partnership with a combined 48 years of sales and marketing experience.

We can help you with all six of the stages that your prospects go through, from awareness to purchase.

Our partners, Karen and Mike, are friendly, experienced, professional and we would become virtual members of your team.

We help you to identify, connect and engage with the people who are most likely to buy your services.

We work on strategy (the plan) and execution (doing the work) so you can focus on running your existing business, while we focus on growing it.

We offer you a diverse and senior set of skills and experience, at a fraction of the cost they would cost you to hire today.

We create written, video, photographic and audio content to help your company stand out in a cluttered world.

We specialise in using social media as a channel to deliver that content to the right audience.

We hang out in the online groups and communities that your prospects frequent, and we bring your company to market in an authentic, personable way.

Please contact Six Sells partner, Mike for more information.

We promise you a free, no obligation, informative conversation with zero pressure.